Cloak The Night

A music video for Bulletbelt by Sakowski Studios

Cloak the Night explores the power interplay between man, women and dogmatic institution as represented through surrealist symbolism.


Directors Statement

Bulletbelts album theme was the persecution of the witches during the medieval ages. The song itself is about taking revenge on religious institute that has abused its power. I took this project on as a challenge to my self, as I had never work with this music genre nor the themes explored.

My goal was to create a renaissance style painting using surrealist symbols influenced by Beksiński and Jodorowsky. I wanted the images to be provocative, intimate and messy, using minimalist concepts.

The videos main theme is about taking revenge on dogmatic institution. Especially that of the female figure who has been persecuted over the centuries. When ever dealing with religious themes we cannot forget to identify that there is a dark side to their dogmas. There is always a balance between good and evil, and sometimes 'Evil' Poses as good, tricking us all.

The intensity of the music is juxtaposed against protracted shots which is all brought together with the post visual effects. The lead actors were partners in real life so this allowed me to push their performances, delivering intimate moments that explored the power struggle between dogmatic institutions, man and women.


Director/producer: Aleksander sakowski

Music: Bulletbelt

Production manager: Lissandra Leite

Cinematographer: Eoin O'Liddigh

Art Director: Hayley Robertson

Makeup: Lara Hawker

Lead Actress:  Hannah Tasker-Poland

Lead Actor: Emmanuel Reynaud
Post production:  Aleksander sakowskI
Gaffer: Tane Kingan

Camera Assist: Andy Lau

Art Assist: Tim Evans

Gaffer Assist: Lautaro Garabello