Since 2015 I have been working at Mukpuddy Animation as their lead compositor on the animated TV series - The Barefoot Bandits. An animated comedy series following the adventures of 3 kids on a small island called Ngaro. Find out more on the official website. Click on the action reel for a super cut of some of my favourite shots from season one. 

My Job involves me spending most of my time in After Effects and Photoshop. I take all the created visual assets by the Mukpuddy team and put them together into full episodes. This involves directing camera and action sequences, animating all 3D assets and composing all shots. Below are some of my composite breakdowns.   

Click on the videos below to watch shot breakdowns.

Series one - GIF gallery 

Series 01 - SHOT Breakdowns 

The Barefoot bandits Opening Titles

Background layout by Aleksander Sakowski -  illustrations by EaChen chen