Click here for updates on Volume 2

Click here for updates on Volume 2


From a far away time, in a place nearby

Earth and its cultures are far from what we are familiar with, but in some ways, still just as recognisable in their complex beauty, and fabled flaws.

The_Mecha_Genesis chronicles the emergence of our silicon offspring and their rise to deity like status, as well as our own symbiotic ascension through them. It tells the story of how our future ancestors dealt with the evolution of intelligence transforming from carbon-based life to silicon-based life. Evolving to the next genus was no easy process for us humans, as the oncoming two thousand years were filled with historical events that shook the foundations of our species as we know it.

Volume one: Welcome to Grettä. Home to the second  largest human contingent on Earth: population two-hundred and thirty-two million. The megalopolis is situated on the western coast of the Mexican gulf, where the climate is relatively stable. To the inhabitants of the region it is known as Sademậ. Grettä is under the jurisdiction of N.A.C.O, the Federated States, and part of the Nine Council. Its main exports are industrial robotics, merchant trading and vlectoplam. Being densely packed, some sectors of the city sink and rise to over two hundred stories. Black markets are rife, and being relatively low tech compared to some of the other cities it’s the perfect hiding place if you don’t want to be found... 


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The genre of this graphic novel is experimental. The_Mecha_Genesis is an character wiki from the future set over the course of the next 2000 years. Each volume chronicles 25 characters from a specific location in the world of The_Mecha_Genesis. Each page tells the story of an individual character, some characters relate directly to each other, others are completely standalone. however combined they all tell the larger story and historical context of The_Mecha_Genesis.  Example page from the book.   

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Note: This book was originally published MC8-20, 4004. Printed in hologlyphics, It has been translated to English as accurately as possible. However, some information has been lost in translation.