Turtle Pizza Cadillacs is a stop motion animation music video project for the music group 'The Parallel Dance Ensemble' (Robin Hannibal and Coco Solid). Completed on the 3rd of March 2009 the concept was originally drafted for another song and half way through production applied to the current track. It was worked on by various artists over a 3 month period. Below is a photographic journal of the production process.  

Making of Featurette

Concepts  &  Scale Model 


Set Construction

The set was constructed from a mixture of Wood and Cardboard. 


The Pyramid was wired with a layered LED light system.

Character Construction

Wolf Warrior - By Bryan Field  


Painting and Greens


FIlming and Animation




Director, DOP. Post Production, Animator



Clay modeling and Painting

Additional Photography, Grips and Gaff 


Concept art rendering


Character Designers and Modelers






Thanks To

Carthew Neal and Aleksander Sakowski

Aleksander Sakowski

Robin Hannibal and Jessica Hansell


Pritika Lal

Craig Smith, Bret Saunders and


Julia Cung


Bryan Feild, Thomas Hsieh, Andrew Xu,

Chirs Edmonds, Maxwell Waite,

Keith Thurlow,  

Alex rude and Neil Bags


Hemi Wyile, Tobi and Lynn Muir 

Livia Sybal, Ren Kirk, Anisha Patel, Phillip Plant, Adi Potgieter, Dane Taylor, Annie Frear

And Izabella Saunders for showing me what energy is truly made of.