“Virtual world - an artificial environment which is 
experienced through sensory stimuli in which a 
user partially determines outcomes.”

Fatigued beauty

Wroclaw, Poland - 830 x 400


Human ability to manifest artificial reality is evident when passing through the veins of our cities. Everywhere you look is an artificial construct of ideas just as malleable as a virtual one. 

The scene is built through time not by one, but by the many that pass through its space. The concept of a road can take many shapes,  photography captures those forms like a sculpture in time, never finished and forever evolving.

The reality of illusion is believing in what you see, but how you see lies in what you believe. 
It’s not what you see, it’s how you see it, that is the virtual nature of reality.

01_Aleks_Siginiture copy1 copy.png


Eastern Western

Luxor, Egypt - 830 x 438



Social Value 

Istanbul, Turkey - 830 x 425