Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds by Aleks Sakowski

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"Virtual world - an artificial environment which is experienced through sensory stimuli in which a user partially determines outcomes."

Human ability to manifest artificial reality is evident when passing through the veins of our cities. Everywhere you look is an artificial construct of ideas just as malleable as a virtual one. The same function as a road or ally can take many forms based on the persons holding the brush. The scene is built through time not by one, but by the many that pass through its space. Photography captures those moments like a sculpture in time, never finished and always evolving. The reality of illusion is believing in what you see, but how you see lies in what you believe. This debut collection from Aleksander Sakowski tells the story of our collective manifestation within the human virtual world.

Opening night is on March the 2nd at 208 Krd - Te Karanga Gallery 5:30pm. Show is open for one week.

This show was made possible thanks to the help of
The Digital Darkroom, James Cunningham, Ingrid Bennie, Roger Feron, Leon Woud, David Quick, Oliver Hilbert, Mariuz Wolbinski, Simon Heath, Link Choi, Troy McKubre Ludmila Edward and Magda Sakowski