Federation Armour / by Aleks Sakowski

2nd week of 2013 and Sakowski Studios is manufacturing armour, fitting drones, building laser guns.... you know..... the usual sort of summer fan fair. Recently new import Hendrikus DeVann came all the way from New Plymouth to help us out, check his work out here www.hendrikusdevaan.com


The Cutting Table has definitely seen some millage as the team has been hard at work in between being convinced by Sakowski that hot glue is the answer to all humanities problems, (well some of them anyway). Henry Aitken our art lead recently jet set for asia, we wish him luck on his travels, it's unfortunate he's going to miss out on one bass ass production ;)

In the mean time Mike Morgan (pictured below) is stepping in. It's quite an odd thing to take something completely new and make it look old and used, so I'm trying not to work him to hard...... but what I really mean is by the time we are finished this armour will look like it's seen some battles.