Atheum's Way / by Aleks Sakowski

A father must confront an eternal storm to reunite with his daughter, and learn that man must tame his past before he conquers his future.

Made by 2 people over the course of 1 year, Atheum's Way is an animated music video by New Zealand based production house Sakowski Studios, to the music of Solstate. Directed, composited and animated by Aleksander Sakowski, illustrated by Linhan Ye, music by Troy Mckubre.

The eternal storm in Atheum's Way is representative of the hardest challenges we face in life. One can not wait for the storm to pass, because there will always be another brewing. Facing those challenges teaches us the most about ourselves, and in the last leg of our journey we will face our greatest obstacles.

The machine serpent is a reflection of this ultimate challenge. Generations ago, these man made monsters were created as tools of war; after we lost control of them they became their own masters. Now after years of battles and navigating the oceans, this one has lost its eyes and attacks anything that crosses its path. If our most advanced machines are guided to war, would it be no surprise that once they are intelligent, war is all they will know? Humans have trouble showing empathy for their own kind let alone other thinking creatures, and machines are a reflection of us. If we create them in the name of war, war is what we will receive. The father must confront this challenge, and tame the blind beast.

Thanks to Liam Williams, Loic Yearbury, James Aldous and Jesse Meha for lending a hand when things got heavy, and special thanks to Troy Mckubre for his insurmountable patience.