The_Mecha_Genesis Vol.1 Launch - Chromacon 2017 / by Aleks Sakowski

On April the 8th I launch my first graphic novel at Chromacon 2017.  Big thanks to all those who came out to support The_Mecha_Genesis and all the other artist exhibiting. It was a blast. Big thanks to Elena, Link, Allan, Henry, Mike, Mukpuddy and everyone that bought a book. Glad to finally get it out there into your hands. Vol.1 is available online, and Vol.2 is in the works. Here are some photos from the launch. 

The building of the stands. I made these so they would just snap togeather with no glue. 

The building of the booth. Thanks to Henry Aitken for helping me set it up. A wild monkey appeard durring the build. 

My spot at Chromacon. At a less busy time so I could run around and check it all out myself. 

Building this booth gave me ideas for some designs for future volumes. Making the booth was part of building the world the Mecha_Genesis is set in. I wanted people to feel visually immersed in the world and enjoy it as an experience. I did not spend to much time on preping the booth but with a little more cash and a bit more planning the next one is going to be even more epic. Some details below.