May Update / by Aleks Sakowski

It's been a bit quiet on here lately but that is because I've been super busy. Mukpuddy is well under way on its new TV show "Quimbo's Quest". We are currently in production and have 52, 11 minute episodes to complete this year. It's been great to see Mukpuddy go from 15 staff last year to 40 this year. Everyone is getting into a good rhythm and producing some great work.  

Last year James Cunningham approached me to be the cinematographer on a new 3d Feature film "Pandamonium" being made here in Auckland.  Of course I accepted and we have been working on story boards for the past few months. The production is in progress and also features Linhan Ye as Production designer. Linhan illustrated all the assets for our project "Atheums Way".  James and I have been using a process of photographing toys to block out scenes, we then pass that information onto the storyboard artists. We have a great team working pre production for this. Looking forward to showing more when it goes into full production. 


And finally last month Jason Lei Howden Asked me to direct his 2nd Unit/Splinter Unit on his new film "Guns Akimbo" staring Daniel Radcliffe. We have been shooting for 2 weeks in Auckland NZ and have another 2 weeks to go. The production then heads of to Germany to complete the second block of shooting. As the film nears release I will be able to share more information about it.


Right now I am working 7 day weeks so I do not have much time to work on my own projects but I hope to return to the Mecha_Genesis Vol 2 very soon.