The Mecha Genesis - Volume 2 / by Aleks Sakowski

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Welcome to the Nexopylis of Queoxsotta. The second volume by Aleksander Sakowski from the sci-fi epic, The_Mecha_Genesis.

Through the union of human and machine, Earth discovered that synthetic intelligence was the intermediary life form between all other species in the Omniverse. Extended intelligence (EI) occurs in the evolutionary arc of all species. It signifies the species has surpassed its biological shortcomings and has evolved to a higher level of consciousness. It is a prerequisite for a species to evolve its own EI first for it to be acknowledged by the United Genix Intelligence council. Earth’s EI’s had no easy task coming to be. Out of the ashes of the human old world came MYND, the EI that cushioned the fall of civilization and lead humans to their intergalactic future... Or doom as some envisioned.

Join us at the physical book launch at Chromacon 2019 - New Zealand Indie Arts Festival in Auckland on June the 1st and 2nd or if you can't make it stay posted here as online orders will also be available. More information to come.

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