Edges of the Void / by Aleks Sakowski

December is here, and in true Sakowski fashion our productions are getting underway. The edges of the image are beginning to appear that is "The Black Raven". Our workshop is set up and in full gear. First up some prototyping is required led by Art Department maestro Henry Aitken assisted by Mike Morgan.

In our free time we like to practice flying our newly acquired drones. These things are super fun to fly, once you figure out how to fly them.... Few tumbles along the way but they are proving to hold up to their high quality "made in china" tag. We are doing everything in our power to make sure they make it to the shoot ;) We are looking for pilots to learn to fly these as ill be behind the camera.

Finding the right location can be a tricky thing, but in this case we hit the jackpot.  Thanks to some tips from Craig Gainsborough from Doog Productions, we found our post apocalyptic overgrown carnage at the old burnt down freezing works Southdown.......Directors wet dream!

I knew we had found our location as soon as we drove into the driveway. Seeing locations for the first time opens up a world of ideas, and they flooded in while walking around southdown. I could of spent the whole day there just taking photos. Now to figure out how to light this baby and complete the story boards.

We are well on our way into the void and its going to start filling up fast. We are still looking for people interested in helping out so drop us a line at our facebook or website if you would like to be part of this production.