The Black Raven / by Aleks Sakowski

OK time to get serious and start posting some tastes of what's to come. State of Mind and Sakowski and collaborating on a new project "The Black Raven". It's not really a music video, it's not really a short film, its a manifestation of colliding ideas. As much as I'd like to give everything away in one go, I think im'a drag this one out. Over the next couple months keep your eyes peeled for more drawings, fabrications, photos, triumphs and failures as we embark on creating a world of ideas.

 I like to work with concepts throughout longer periods of time rather than in one focused moment, but eventually those ideas manifest and something is pulled out of a blank space. These designs are part of a much larger universe. State of Mind produced an amazing track that resonated with the style and look of this concept so we are working on fusing the concepts together, to practice for the future ;) So to start here is the coffee table sketch of some Federation Armour.... off course written on the back of my list of things to do.