Welcome to the new Sakowski Studios / by Aleks Sakowski

Sakowski Studios has had a much needed website update. With new content and a new cleaner layout that works across all devices. It's been a busy month, with attending the Canadian Film Festival in Vancouver,  visiting Zoic Studios, presenting at Chromacon arts festival and finishing up the Making of Atheum's Way, I can finally move on to the next project!

Black Raven will soon be coming to the end of its festival circuit with a trail of awards behind it. Taking over from Black Raven will be Atheum's Way. After many hours of work I have launched our making of page.  Click on the image to go to our new page. 

What next? Well after spending some considerable time working on Atheum's Way I have decided that its time to focus on my own films. I have a short, high-concept Sci-Fi script that I have written titled "Black Box" which will be my next film project. On top of this I recently got the final ingredient I needed to write my first feature script. This script is part of my Mecha Genesis Saga and will probably take some time to develop, but the ingredients are there and the chef is working on it. 

I also plan to complete my 100 characters. I'm up to 60 right now and will soon be making more, revising the story, and hopefully publishing some copies in the future. All in the mean time I have been working at Mukpuddy Animation compositing their new animated TV show and watching all the entires flow in from across the globe to our festival The Vision Feast. 

Thanks to all those in the past few months who have helped me get this far; my parents, my patient girlfriend who waited as I said "this tweak will only take 10 minutes" a million times - Love you bae. To all the artists who have contributed to these recent projects, Troy, Linhan, Liam, Loic, Jesse and James, I thank you, as Sakowski Studios is not just me, It's a whole team of people helping helping manifest my visions; and there are plenty of vision to come.