Patreon / by Aleks Sakowski

Hello fellow beings from Earth. The_Mecha_Genesis is now officially on Patreon. If you would like to support the project in anyway this is the best way! There some some great rewards, check them all out here. 

Your contributions will make it possible for me to achieve my first goal of creating a dedicated Mecha Genesis website where you will be able to access all the characters, their stories and also read all the additional historical events as well as the citation sources. The possibilities are endless with the format and the history is deep.

For instance, the period of time called "The Breaking Nations" or when Mynd made contact with the Aues - The first off world sentient species to interact with us.  Read about the "great northern migrations" caused by the onset of the A1 Ice shelf or how Ellco Verun corp rose to commercial success through orbital fleet mining near the moons of Saturn. Find out what the Anzodus discovered during the 2999 Genix delegations and listen to the myths of the Gravtherical beings rumored to be 400 million years old. 

I Would like to add that I'm not there to try and pump out average art every day. I want to spend time creating a high quality product for you every 3 months or so. This means that you will receive something of higher value at the end of each project rather than small rushed digital items every day. I will eventually be giving out free prizes and special edition hard covers as give away's. 

This is just the start and I'd love you to be a part of it.